SHARKS in the community

A fine selection of photos and posts of our beloved Zero Fees Southland Sharks out and about in the community
  • Sharks Coaches April 2014

    Southland-Basketball4223Southland Basketball Association held a two day basketball camp at the ILT Stadium Southland for young basketballers, with Zero Fees Southland Sharks players as coaches, in April 2014. Sam Everitt, Shea Ili, Kevin Braswell, Mitchell Newton and James Paringatai were on hand to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of basketball, and didn't hold back when it came time to have their 'own teams' play against that of their team-mates. Along with the laughter and encouragement there was some nice basketball played by the local young players. Southland-Basketball4627Basketball-Southland4193 Southland-Basketball4619 Southland-Basketball4554 Southland-Basketball4527Southland-Basketball4522 Southland-Basketball4520             Southland-Basketball4468 Southland-Basketball4461 Southland-Basketball4459 Southland-Basketball4377 Southland-Basketball4344               Southland-Basketball4267 Southland-Basketball4254         Southland-Basketball4235 Southland-Basketball4224         Southland-Basketball4223 Basketball-Southland4218


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