Sharks v Saints May 22 2016

Sharks v Saints

Wow!  Just that one word describes the excitement and nailbiting 4th quarter at the Shark tank on Sunday May 22nd 2016 when our Sharks faced visiting Wellington Saints.  The boys dug deep, the crowd 100% behind them and the end result was one to be savored.  Sharks won 78-75!  Roll on Finals Weekend!!Southland-Sharks_2849Southland-Sharks3121 Southland-Sharks2993 Southland-Sharks2893 Southland-Sharks_3236 Southland-Sharks_3213 Southland-Sharks_3171 Southland-Sharks_3160 Southland-Sharks_3159 Southland-Sharks_3152 Southland-Sharks_3143 Southland-Sharks_3133 Southland-Sharks_3025 Southland-Sharks_3027 Southland-Sharks_3036 Southland-sharks_3055 Southland-Sharks_3066 Southland-Sharks_3115 Southland-Sharks_3000 Southland-Sharks_2997 Southland-Sharks_2983 Southland-Sharks_2961 Southland-Sharks_2928 Southland-Sharks_2899  Southland-sharks_2871 Southland-Sharks_2894

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